2008 Lamborghini MURCIELAGO LP640

2008 Lamborghini MURCIELAGO LP640

$ 150,000 00

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State: California
City: Hollywood
Address: 6838 Hollywood Blvd
Zip code: 90068
Make: Lamborghini
Model: Aventador
Body type: Coupe
Year: 2008
Mileage: 28559
Interior color: Black
Exterior color: White
Transmission: Automatic
Engine: V12, 6.5L
Trim Level: Base
Body Type: 2 Door Coupe
Manufacturer: Automobili Lamborghini
Production Seq. Number: A02784
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Engine Code: X
Drive Line Type: AWD
Vehicle Type: Passenger Car
Vehicle Class: Small Car
Country: ITALY
Assy. Plant: Saint-Agata, Bolognese
Check Digit: X
MPG: M6:8-13-10/S6:9-14-11
AAIA: 71010/72524
AAIA_LEGACY: 1441845
Type: Car
AAIA_VehicleID: 71010/71010
AAIA_EngineConfigID: 8306/8306
AAIA_TransmissionID: 2729/2730
AAIA_BodyStyleConfigID: 7/7
AAIA_BrakeConfigID: 6/6
AAIA_DriveTypeID: 6/6
AAIA_SpringTypeConfigID: 1/1

Leather Interior with Q Citura Stitching, Contrast Color Stitching, Silver Calipers, Carbon Fiber Interior, Transparent Engine Bonnet, Xenon Headlights, Navigation, and so much more! Bid to win this nice car!

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