2004 Maybach 57 SWB

2004 Maybach 57 SWB

$ 47,000 00

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State: Idaho
City: Nampa
Address: 3233 Port St
Zip code: 83687
Make: Maybach
Model: 57
Body type: Sedan
Year: 2004
Mileage: 54053
Interior color: Black
Exterior color: Black
Transmission: Automatic
Engine: V12, 5.5L
Trim Level: Base
Body Type: 4 Door Sedan; Short Wheelbase
Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz USA, Inc.(MBUSA)
Production Seq. Number: 000931
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Horsepower: 543HP
Engine Code: B
Drive Line Type: RWD
Vehicle Type: Passenger Car
Vehicle Class: Large Car
Restraint System: Air Bag; Side Impact Air Bags; Knee Bolster; Window Bag; Type-2 Belt with ETD (Emergency Tensionig D
Country: GERMANY
Assy. Plant: Sindelfingen
MPG: A5:11-16-13
AAIA: 54607/151092
AAIA_LEGACY: 1433124
Type: Car
AAIA_VehicleID: 54607
AAIA_EngineConfigID: 7871
AAIA_TransmissionID: 1721
AAIA_BodyStyleConfigID: 1
AAIA_BrakeConfigID: 6
AAIA_DriveTypeID: 7
AAIA_SpringTypeConfigID: 6

This 2004 Maybach 57 SWB can only be described as stunning. The quality, luxury and performance is simply so outstanding you will be amazed. This 57SWB is the premier #1 luxury car in the world today. Words simply do not describe the mirror-like finish of the Baltic Black Metallic paint. It has maintained its rich, deep and high gloss finish like the day it left the showroom. The interior can only be described as a total work of art featuring total luxury. The Seats can only be described as soft and supple and as comfortable as your favorite easy-chair. The dashboard is user friendly for the many options and features and is a marvel in engineering. 

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