Mazda prepares its RX Vision Concept for the 2018 Tokyo Motor Show

10/11/2017 22:51:50
Mazda prepares its RX Vision Concept for the 2018 Tokyo Motor Show
Mazda teases us with its new sports car concept, the automaker will bring the car to the Tokyo Motor Show, along with another vehicles

Mazda teases us with its new sports car concept first official pictures. The automaker will bring the car to the Tokyo Motor Show, along with another vehicles that previews the next 3 hatchback.



We’re just a few weeks away from the public debut of Mazda’s follow-up for the stunning RX Vision concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. From the sounds of it, the car will be powered by a rotary engine, and today Mazda has given us our first look via a teaser image. As you can just about make out, it cuts a similarly long, unfussy figure to the RX Vision, but this concept has sprouted an extra pair of doors. Mazda is calling it a “design vision model,” intended to preview the future of its “Kodo design language.”


It’ll share Mazda’s stand with another concept (above), which the Japanese manufacturer calls a “compact hatchback that fuses next-generation technology and design.” In other words, it’s a preview of the next 3 hatchback, even if Mazda won’t say as much just yet. It’s powered by Mazda’s innovative, ultra-high compression homogeneous charge spark ignition (HCSI) petrol engine, dubbed SkyActiv-X. It’ll make its debut alongside the RX Vision successor and the new CX-8 three-row SUV on 25 October.


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